Tanja LebskiOrganisational

„Technique, knowledge and capability on one side …
Intuition, creativity and inner grounding
on the other
- mediation of one, elicitation of another.“

The workshops offered and directed by Tanja Lebski take place in her Art workshop in Altleiningen (Palatina).

The main times in which the workshops take place are: 9:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - ca.16:00/17:00. Your workshop-place is guaranted with a payment of 50,00 € in advance. Further information you will receive by mail. If you have any questions related to the workshop or accommodations, please contact me.

You will be able to set mosaic artwork of small to medium sizes, depending on the used technique - with a direct or indirect setting technique. You will achieve basic knowledge about the used materials, techniques and possibilities, when crafting mosaics. Based on different image examples out of the history of mosaic, you will learn the difference between the different setting techniques.

Beginning January 2018, there will be offers for advanced-workshops, i.e. in which you will be intently confronted with colours, interpretation, texture and themes, which will then be realized in an own piece of work. For the most part, classic mosaic tools (hammer and hardy), will be used during the creative process of crafting. Smalti, natural stone and many other diverse materials can be purchased in the art workshop. You may also bring your own materials.

Should the workshops attract enough attention, further workshop dates will be determined. Even week-long Workshops for bigger objects are arrangeable.

„The creativity and selfresponsible work of my course participants is very important for me. Creating a mosaic is a meditative action which leads to more concentration and peace, that means it brings us to our own creative sources.“