Art on public Objects

Concept for an artistic design
the elementary school at Gautor, Oppenheim


zusammen mit Usch Quednau „Nicht für die Schule lernen wir, sondern für das Leben.“
In order to combine the Art Deco design of the old building with the new one in terms of content, we decided to use fairy tales and legends. We combine these naturalistic representations with green circle elements, which are similarly available in the playground as seating and play rings.
The animal mosaics stand in imaginative relation to each other and stimulate the imagination as a search and guessing game about fairy tales and fables. Fairy tales and fables have a fundamental and culturally deeply rooted meaning. They are an integral part of childhood development and can be found in every culture, worldwide. Every animal in the fairy tale has its own mystical and archetypal interpretation, e.g. the squirrel stands for the being that is able to jump back and forth between the levels of perception. This mysterious world can captivate us and expands our mind into the "all-thinkable".
- Entwurf Oppenheim 2018 - 1
- Entwurf Oppenheim 2018 - 2