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"NEW Workshop schedule 2020!!"

For more information please look here!

"YEAHH!!!! "post mortem" is winning the Eisenturm Artprize 2019!!!"

Exhibition till 17th January 2020

My Painting was choosen out of 380 appointments and won the 1st prize. You can see further 24 paintings who represent the theme "Odyssee" at the MVB Forum, Neubrunnenstra├če 2, Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate. A nice exhibition worth seeing.

"Biennale Mosaiques en Nord"

till 12th January 2020 at Hazebrouck, France

You can find my mosaic "Handwerk hat goldenen Boden - echt?" together with a lot of interesting mosaics from all over the world showing the theme "Mati├Ęres et Variations".

"DOMO Germany visits BAMM England"

Oktober 2019 at York and November 2019 at London

In York we (the DOMOs) celebrated together with our british sister organization their 20th anniversary with a nice exhibition. The mosaics now are presented in London. I am thankful that my mosaic "bittersweet" got the 3rd place.

Review January/February GUJARAT, India

Global Art Festival, Runn Kutch

Parul University, Vadodara

Private art collection Anita Sanghi, Sanghipuram"

28 Artists including me, followed an invitation of the ministery of tourism and culture of the state Gujarat, India. We created art works at tent city Rann Utsav at Kutch, nearby the salt desert. After that we travelled to Parul University at Vadodara to paint large murals and decorate mosaics at the campus. Last but not least, I went to Sanghipuram to paint for the private collection of Miss Anita Sanghi. At all it was an unique experience!!!