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Born 1967 in Neunkirchen/Saar; trained as a typesetter; since 1995 freelance work in the field of graphics; since 1983 further training in various artistic disciplines such as painting, etching, mosaics and other techniques, including at the "European Academy of Art" Trier, at the "Scuola mosaicisti di friuli" Spilimbergo, Italy and in Ravenna ("restauro del mosaico", Luciana Notturni, 2013) Since 2009 member of the BBK Rhineland-Palatinate; founding member of the German Organisation for Mosaic Art, DOMO e.V. and since 2014 member of the AIMC (Assoziazione internationale degli mosaicisti contemporanei). 2014 IHK Ludwigshafen Schweißerlehrgang.
Since 2018 first chairwoman of the German Organisation for Mosaic Art e.V.

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2021 Solo exhibition "... and I always dreamed in colour", Kulturverein Göllheim, Göllheim
2021 Participation in the Plein-Air of the Essenheim Art Association on the theme ELF - Egalité, Liberté, Fraternité
2020-2021 Solo exhibition "Bildgeschichten", State Agency for Media and Communication, Ludwigshafen
2020 Solo exhibition "Ärztehaus am Neckar", Mannheim
2019  1st Global Art Festival, Gujarat, India and Sanghi Live Global Art Festival, Gujarat, India
2019 Mosaic Biennial in Hazebrouck, FR with the mosaic "The craft has golden soil - real?"
2019 3rd prize juried group exhibition "natural-unnatural" DOMO & BAMM, York and London, mosaic "bittersweet".
2019 Winner of the Eisenturm Art Prize, Mainz on the theme of "Odyssey" with the tryptichon "post mortem".
2018  Solo exhibition "Spectrum - Between Colour and Stone" at Club Arte, Mannheim
2018  DOMO's touring exhibition "Elements" throughout Germany
2017  first prize at the internationally juried and Europe-wide exhibition "Fragment" with the mosaic "PRIMAVERA - oggetti ritrovati", community exhibition in Pfaffenhofen/Bavaria
2016  AIMC Members' Exhibition at Palazzo Tedea in Spilimbergo, IT
2015 DOMO touring exhibition "Light and Shadow" throughout Germany
2015 Exhibition of a part of the SIGNS mosaic project Ravenna, IT
2012 Group exhibition Mosaics in Giessen "Body and Soul
2012 DOMO members' exhibition in Linz a.Rh.
2012 Group Exhibition Kulturforum Kaiserslautern, Painting and Mosaic
2011 Group exhibition Holy Spirit Church, Speyer "Painting for the Cathedral" by KV Neustadt
2012 Group exhibition of DOMO together with "het Mozaiekgilde" in Rolduc, NL
2010 Group Exhibition "New in the BBK", Mainz
2010 Group exhibition in Blanzy, France
2010 Solo exhibition "State - Revolt" Art in the Tower, Marnheim
2010 international, juried mosaic exhibition "conneXion" Maikammer, 5th place out of 89 participants
2009 Group exhibition of DOMO "stone rich", Wassergalerie Berlin
2009  Group exhibition "Skin", Epiphaniaskirche Mannheim, artist group Uli Lamp

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2021 public art, free award, Beindersheim primary school, execution
Public Art, Play Sculpture "Harxi", first place and execution, Harxheim
2020 Public art, play sculpture "Abraxas von Arrotzo", Ottfried Preußler Primary School Otterberg
2019 Wall painting and mosaic project, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
2019 Mural painting bus station, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
2017/2018 Mosaic design Paul-Münch-Fountain, Kaiserslautern
2016 Public Art competition, primary and secondary school Plus Flonheim,
first price and execution
2015 Project work and paintings in the playground primary school Altleiningen
2014 Design of a fountain, nature trail Otterstadt
2014 Participation in the First Mosaic Sculpture Trail of Germany "UMoSSA" in
Gerstetten with the steel mosaic sculpture "Totem"
2012 Design of a watercourse, forest playground, Bellheim
2012 Symposium Eisenberg, topics: History and Industry of Eisenberg
2010 Public Art competition, primary school Hettenleidelheim, first prize and execution
2009 Göllheim milestone, mosaic, Göllheim
2009 Pendant mosaic for the local community of Hettenleidlheim for the Jumelage Blanzy
2009 Mosaic snake sculptures in Steffi-Graf-Park, Brühl
2008 town hall sign local community Altleiningen
2007 Sculptor symposium "Blickachse" with 11 mosaics in the pavements in Göllheim
2008 Mosaic for local community of Blanzy (FR)
2007 Paving stone painting campaign for the design of the village square Altleiningen in silicate technology
2007 Mosaic, village square Altleiningen
2006 Trompe l'oeil painting in the wave pool in Adelberg near Stuttgart, in collaboration with Ulrich Allgaier
2005/2006 Certificates "25 years partnership Altleiningen (D) - Oberbronn (FR)
2004 Mosaic in the foyer of Hettenleidelheim