"Technique, knowledge, skill on one side - intuition, creativity, inner grounding on the other - convey one thing, elicit the other." "In the foreground of my courses are creativity and independent work of my course participants. The meditative work on a mosaic leads to concentration and calmness, it brings us to our own creative roots".

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Kurs Nr. IV

Course Nr. IV

9. + 10. Oktober 2021
Workshop for beginners and advanced students

Kurs Nr. II

Course Nr. II

29. + 30. Mai 2021
Workshop for beginners and advanced students

The courses are led by Tanja Lebski and take place in the premises of the:

Art workshop in Altleiningen (Pfalz)
Waldstraße 17a * 67317 Altleiningen

Core hours of the courses are always from:
9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to about 16/17:00.

The registration is done by e-mail using the contact form. Your registration is binding with a deposit of 50,00 €. You will receive the account data by mail. If you have any questions about the course or accommodation, please contact me. If there are enough interested parties (at least 3), individual course dates can be fixed, also weekly courses for larger objects are possible.