Art on public Objects

Viewpoint fairy tale objects

Primary School Beindersheim 2021/2022

The request was for Kunst-am-Bau to focus on sound insulation in the newly built break yard hall and hallways of the Albrecht Dürer Elementary School in Beindersheim. The school children were also to be involved. So I decided to draw and paint the 4 walls with the children to 4 fairy tales. The ideas of the children flowed into my drawings.

Since the walls and rooms were kept very neutral in light gray and white, it was important to set a strong color accent. This was done with 4 different shades of neon red. The sensitive soundproofing felts came from a German company in Bavaria. It was possible to draw well on the felts with acrylic paints.

It was important to arrange the object rhomboids on the wall in an exciting way and to link them with approx. 10-12 fairy tale scenes in terms of content. The neon-colored accents and edges of the felts visually bring movement and liveliness into the room.