public art

Symposium „Geschichte und Industrie Eisenbergs“


Place at the stork tower
Seven artists (Uli Lamp, Motz Tietze, David Maras, Carmen Stahlschmidt, Claudia Schäfer, Karin Brosa, Tanja Lebski) dealt with the topics "Eisenberg's history and industry" over the course of one year. During 14 days on site, the design, which had previously been presented to the Eisenberg community, was implemented together.
The symposium was characterized by the examination of the topic, but also by the discussion and consensus finding together with the other artists.
Each artistic element of the symposium has a connection to the others. Whether it's just a recapitulation of form or colour, or a thematic arc is spanned - in the end a versatile complete work has been created, which invites playful, enjoyable observation and discussion.

My part: The reflecting field hare, in which you see yourself jumping through time.