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UMoSSA - Primeval World Mosaic Sculpture Trail Swabian Alb


First mosaic sculpture trail in Germany, Gerstetten/Heldenfingen

Totem - a symbol from ancient times. One stele is dedicated to evolution, the creation of the animal world, eating and being eaten. From seeds originates life, unicellular organisms become multicellular organisms etc. In this beginning and becoming there is "the human being", who in addition lives through his inner, spiritual evolution. The second stele refers to the biblical story of Eve and the snake, whereby here the human being as a prototype is not to be seen as either female or male. The French kiss with the serpent of wisdom symbolizes the beginning of the new humanity: humans have stepped out of the natural cycle, out of the unconscious intuitive existence of the animal world. They develop their own ways through intelligence. Between the two parts of the stelae, man is to experience himself anew.
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